On My Way

  • Mar 05, 2021
Naïka is a singer/songwriter born in Miami, Florida, who developed an interest in music from an early age while living and traveling internationally with her family. 
Growing up with the influence of European, African and Caribbean cultures has shaped her both musically and individually, and continues to define her artistic perspective and outlook. Her music reflects a blend of pop & soul with a World Music influence.

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On My Way
Cuatro Coplas de Luna
Just Too Late
La Negra Atilia
Me Llaman Nella
I'll Learn How To Love You
Lowdown & Lonsome
Oh My Lord
The Question
You Are Enough
Hide (Myself Behind You)
Easter Island
All The Punks Are Domesticated
Please Don't Die
Either Or, It's All The Same
When They Get Old
Congenial Man
Low Rent // Blue Skies
Wavy Gravy
Smilers of the Night
Circadian Rhythms
Aquarius Apocalyptic
Michael Hewett @ Gigs Live (Oct 1st 2020)
E.W.Harris @ Gigs Live (Oct 1st 2020)
Papa Gede (Bel Gason)
Big Steps Ft. J Perry
Head in the clouds
Time On Me
The Hammer
Best I Can
Long Haired Country Boy
Shaky Hands
Oh My Lord
HATERZ - The Dutchess
Scooter Rogers - J.O.Y (Intro)
Welcome to My Wave
Dry Bones LIVE!
I Can Make You Disappear
Take Me Back
Live at the Hive
Sweet Thing
Turn That Finget Around
Angel of Death
Little Toy Gun
You And I
One Too Many's Not Enough
A Song For Breonna Taylor
The Paul Cauthen Recap
Find A Way
Crazy To Hope
Time On Me
Little Toy Gun Video
Thin Line
Angel of Death
Check X3
Depression Was Trash
IG Girls
I Could Love You
Cowardice in Control
Hard Time With The Truth [Official Video]
Houston [Official Video]
You Can Lose Every Letter That Spelled Your Name
Fool (aka Slip & Slide) Live @ M.R.C
Cub (LLT#3) ft. John Bollinger
Hope Live @ MrC studios
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