Stop Light Observations @ Gigs Live (Nov 20th 2020)

  • Dec 19, 2020
John Keith Culbreth (aka Cubby) was 16 years old—no longer the religious child he had been back in his childhood days spent in Anderson, SC—but was, unknowingly, poised for a divine intervention of life-altering proportions. While peacefully sleeping after a classmate's musical performance, an entity presented itself to Cubby—the entity presented itself as God. "It was the most vivid dream I had ever had," says Cubby. "It felt so bizarre." "God" spoke to Cubby. It told him to contact his classmate, Will Blackburn, and come together to create music. Cubby obliged, Blackburn agreed, and the band proceeded to practice for over a year, never playing a show. Stop Light Observations' inaugural performance took place on Sullivan's Island. Among the crowd was Cubby's childhood pastor—a man with whom he had once had a close relationship. As it turns out, Cubby's former pastor was Will Blackburn's grandfather. Divinity had served up fate. Cubby and Blackburn had been childhood friends, but never knew it. SLO was born, and the sky was the limit.
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